About Us

Established in 2017, Terrence Hutchinson Design is an architectural service that fulfils clients’ architectural dreams. From planning applications to construction drawings, we have extensive knowledge and experience to create all types of construction documents.

Our Systematic Work Process

  • Consultation
  • Development
  • Documents
  • Construction

Discuss the project requirements with our client to get a clear understanding of their ideas and needs.

This is the refining phase were we ensure that our clients are a hundred percent satisfied with our proposal. Our developments are done in 3D and 2D visualization, which helps our clients to see their ideas in realistic context and make modifications where required.

Architectural construction documents are developed. It involves the connection details, building assemblies, and other mandatory component details of the project.

In this phase, we make timely visits to the worksite to monitor the progress and ensure works are done according to specifications.

Let’s make your vision a reality